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Turbomachinery & International Pump Symposia

First Time Exhibitors at 45 th Turbomachinery & 32 nd International Pump Users Symposia

The 45th Turbomachinery & 32nd International Pump Users Symposia was held at Houston, Texas on September 12 to 15th , 2016. As first time exhibitors at the show, we were excited to present ourselves as professional gearbox manufacturers to the oil and gas industry.

Built on a history of corporate success, we understand that your gearboxes need to be much more than just dependable. With a winning combination of high efficiency and maximum reliability, our gearboxes are designed to exceed your expectations.

At NGC, serving your needs is of our outmost importance. Prepared to answer any questions you have – we brought in our team of engineers, product managers, corporate industry leaders and executives. Our team from NGC China & Germany were also present to greet our international oil & gas customers.

Why NGC? Simple. Our experts are here to guide you through the process to make your decision as easy as possible. Our experienced team of industry experts understand the technical challenges involved and are dedicated to finding the best gearbox solution for your specific needs. No matter the complication, our team of experts are here to help.

We look forward to seeing you again! Have a question? Email us and a corporate industry director will get with you.

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