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Wind Energy

In an industry as fast-growing and important as wind energy, there is no room for inefficiency. At NGC, we’re passionate about the wind energy industry, and make it our mission to keep productivity high. Our expertise in this field is unmatched.

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At NGC, our goal is to maximize your plant’s uptime. Designed to withstand extreme working conditions, our products are certified to not only be durable, but dependable as well. We understand the challenges you face as gearboxes continue to be one of the main cost factors in the industry

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Material Handling

If a part fails or wears down, productivity and safety are both at risk.  NGC exists to make sure that when a part’s lifespan has expired, downtime is minimized, so productivity can prevail.

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Steel is always in high demand and downtime in a hot rolling mill bears a great cost. When efficiency suffers, profitability suffers, and we do not let that happen. Engineered to deliver durability and reliability under the toughest conditions, NGC gearboxes are built to last.

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Rubber & Plastics

Characterized by advanced manufacturing processes, fully customizable options and service throughout product life cycles, NGC will work with you to get out of a bind.  From mills, to pumps, to extruders, we’ve got 50 years of experience to fill the needs of the rubber & plastics industry.

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Dedicated to maximizing the productivity of your mine, NGC hopes to eliminate as much downtime as possible. Your mines show the most value when they are the most efficient, and our products & services are here to make that possible.

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Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas world, safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance. One cannot exist without the other. Designed to keep your business running at maximum productivity, our gearboxes and services are dependable and ready to eliminate any possibility of part failure; giving you the time to focus on what truly matters – the safety and efficiency of your business.

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Service & Repair

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive service & support possible to maximize the value of your products and extend their life cycle. From tech support to onsite service appointments, our commitment to excellence goes well beyond our physical gearboxes.

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“The team was very professional, communicative, transparent, prepared, organized, and executed the repairs efficiently.”

– Site Manager, GE Wind Farm in CA.”

Service & Support

Products are only part of what we do. Each and every part we supply is backed by our exceptional service team. We stand by NGC products, and we back that up with service.

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