The US Wind Energy Exhibition was officially launched on May 23rd – 25th, 2017 in the convention and exhibition center of Anaheim city, California.

The US Wind Energy Exhibition is the world’s largest professional wind power trade show and forum for industry development. There were over 4000 exhibitors at this event, including GE, Vestas, Siemens, Goldwind and other manufacturers, with around 7,000 professional visitors.

North America has an abundance of wind resources, which is why this region in particular is an important wind power market. According to the analysis of MAKE, a famous Danish wind consultants, thanks to PTC policies, the US wind power market will continue to gain strength between 2017 and 2021, and will increase the installed wind power capacity by 45.4 GW. In addition, the Canada market also cannot be overlooked as their installed capacity will also increase by 6.3 GW between 2017 and 2026.

At this exhibition, NGC focused on the promotion of NGC StanGear and post-market services in the American market. At 4 PM of May 26, NGC held a StanGear product conference at Power Station. During the conference, NGC introduced the StanGear product platform to the guests and professionals in the audience, which is the product’s first official appearance on the North American market since the Hamburg Wind Energy Exhibition in 2016, and it quickly became clear that the audience showed a strong interest in StanGear products. The development of the StanGear series wind power gear transmission product platform is based on the accumulation of many years of experience, countless field tests, and the industrial application of big data analysis, employing the concepts of standardization, modularization and reliability. This series platform has the advantages low cost R&D, short development periods, high reliability, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Users can, according to NGC StanGear platform sample and their own host platform design requirements, directly select the closest matching wind power gear transmission product, or choose the similar product for minor modification, and thereby achieve the competitive advantages of low cost and fast market access.

Post-market services will be NGC’s focus for future development, which at the same time will be a great advantage. Relying on the in-depth technology accumulation, as well as a perfect service network in North America, NGC has the ability and confidence to provide quality and reliable services for their customers. (by Luo Ran)

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